Monday, July 8, 2013


It would seem that this blog has fell into forgetfulness, but the truth is that Wilwarin Designs has gone through a great metamorphosis! The name has been changed to Terra Mystique, in addition to its own approach and style. I'll stop writing in this blog, so if you want to keep following me and my new work, please click the links below! :)

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Wilwarin Designs was a beautiful journey which couldn't have ended better, with much affection, support and more successful than I could ever imagine! But life is full of possibilities and new directions, so I believe it is time for a change. Terra Mystique has been prepared and developed over months as I struggled with the intensity of my Master's, in order to create a more consistent and catchy "brand" name (let's face it, I got tired of spelling the word wilwarin!). But well, I hope you take a little of your time to see what I've been preparing and, most of all, that you'll enjoy the result as much as I am! :)

Thus, I am closing this chapter... but not without expressing a huge THANK YOU to all those who, over the past (almost) two years, have contributed to this little dream of mine to come true. A smile devoted to my family, boyfriend, friends and all who were part of the long road!

See you at Terra Mystique! 

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